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Some have said that when the landscape is surrounded by this sort of weather it reminds them of the landscape in J. The Faroese love to take things easy and are not at all worried about arriving on time.But if you ever find yourself in the mood for a night out in town, you will find that Tórshavn caters for your every need with its great shops, bars, cafés and restaurants.Most visitors to the islands come between early July and late August. One of the main reasons that people visit the Faroe Islands is the incredible nature and scenery.The Faroe Islands turn extraordinarily green during the summertime.The main ting was established on Tinganes in Tórshavn.About the turn of the millennium the Faroes came under control of the Norwegian king.

As nature rules here this can happen at any time and with no notice normally from June through to September on any one of twenty plus beaches around the islands. It consists of a driving of a pod of pilot whale or dolphin to the beach with boats.

The Islands have a population of nearly 50,000, and a language and culture of their own.

When visiting the Faroes you are never more than 5km (3 miles) away from the ocean.

In 1816, two years later, the Faroes were made into a Danish County and the old parliament was abolished.

The Danish Governor became the highest authority in the Faroes.

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