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If the message icon is “dull” or not able to be clicked, it’s likely they have blocked you.Note: There seems to be a bug also where even if the other person has unblocked you, and therefore you have both unblocked each other, you still cannot message.If you don’t see the answer to your question here, or in the comments below, it might be best to contact Facebook direct or check out their Messenger help FAQ’s Here: November 2015 Update: No more strict filtering settings for Facebook Messenger Facebook Messenger has no privacy feature to prevent non-Facebook friends from contacting you anymore.Anyone can put your name in Facebook Messenger search and if you have a Facebook account they can attempt to message you, by sending a “Message Request”.You will still be friends if you are already and they can comment on your posts.How To Block On Apple Device: To block someone who you have accepted a message from, swipe the message to the left in your recent messages list on i OS (Apple) This reveals options of “More”, “Mute”, “Delete”.

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You can also re-message the person you have muted as it only mutes a particular message thread, not the person. You won’t know, you will see below your last message a “sent icon” (blue circle with blue tick inside) but if your message thread is muted it may only say delivered (solid blue circle with white tick) not seen.

To find out if you have synced your address book in the past, open the new version of Facebook Messenger and go first to the settings icon lower right. You won’t lose your previous messages or previously messaged friends.

Android: Go to the settings icon top centre and scroll down to “Synced Contacts” select off.

You may not want to have all those connections within your app.

It may also help to prevent some message spam if you avoid syncing with your address book which no doubt includes services and people you may have details for that are business connections.

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