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I feel so proud of myself, but of course a small part of me wants to see him again even knowing he’ll likely break my heart. Should I delete his number, respond and then delete his number, see him again, tell him I am now a qualified teacher?

I am just so shocked by his messaging me just a few days ago after a five to six-month hiatus. — Now a Qualified Teacher Congratulations on graduating with distinction and earning your teaching certification, but you really need to aim a whole lot higher when it comes to men.

He stood you up for your third meeting because the sex between you on your second meeting wasn’t any good and he probably assumed — and probably rightfully so — that your heart wasn’t into having sex with someone you only just met and that you were looking for more than just a physical connection.

He’s in touch with you now because he’s horny, he remembered how you met and how you did have sex with him at least for a minute, and he figured it was worth checking in to see if you might be up for trying the sex out again. And here you are, talking about how you deleted his number and “tried to move on with your life,” as if it took effort on your part to forget a guy you hardly knew at all.

I phoned him and he asked, “Why are you calling me?

” Then he proceeded to go have sex with yet a completely different woman.

We met twice and he stood me up the third time stating he was tired.

First the Mc Donald’s birthday lunch guy (which has since been deleted from the forums or I’d link to it for those who need a refresher) and now this dude?

Look, he was only ever interested in you for sex, which makes sense given how you met him.

(He didn’t give me his Facebook — I searched for it, which I know seems very desperate.) Anyway, he replied saying, “You and me can’t do anything anymore.” I was so hurt by this but didn’t cry.

I deleted his number and tried to move on with my life.

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