Furry chatting websites

Join for Furry is a furry dating website that works tirelessly to match its members.

Same with the descriptions, no adult content is allowed in profiles.

There are features on the site that use some of the information.

Please allow up to 48 hours for your profile to be approved.

Scientific studies have shown that cat owners have lower blood pressure and can live longer than humans who don't own pets! In sound therapy, these frequencies are believed to heal injuries and relieve pain. I find it very relaxing whenever he's being cuddled and I'm here to not have to bother him at 4am desperately trying to do homework.

It is also told that injured cats often purr to help soothe and heal themselves... : no real cat will jump on your desk and try to get your attention while you're desperately trying to do homework at 4am - : cat not included, how sad. Whenever I went to a family friend's house, I always hung out with kittens because there were no people who were my age.

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    Elite uk is a UK-focussed dating website for single professionals.