G na and eunhyuk dating

Eunhyuk said that he ever had a bitter triangle love. He confessed that he had celebrity girlfriend who still had a crush (or even dated) another male celebrity.This painful reality was known when Eunhyuk was hosting a music program as the main MC. He told that while he saw Sooyoung,he felt that she is the prettiest member of the groups.

Requested the fans not to overact on the gossips which was spreading at that time.But he strongly supports the fact that,he will not marry without his parents consent.He had said also a lot of funny facts regarding marriage in front of media.After seeing this text, Eunhyuk got extremely mad and ran to the bathroom to vent his anger. In response to Eunhyuk’s painful story, everyone on the set was expressing their sympathy for him.After this story was broadcast, people talked about the two specific idols as Eunhyuk mentioned about.

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