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The man is naked while she’s wearing only a thin halter-top, pushed up past her small breasts, revealing a mass of white skin beneath.Her head is in the lap of another woman who is clothed and holding a plastic cup.“Saturday night and I’ve got more dancers out here than customers.” What separates a business like Christie’s from a place like the Tennessee Social Club? Under Nashville’s Sexually Oriented Business ordinance—which began being enforced last year—any strip club or cabaret must comply with a rigorous set of guidelines that limit everything from a dancer’s proximity to a client (three feet) to the required height of a stage (at least 18 inches.) The SOB guidelines also require that dancers register with the city, have a criminal background check and get fingerprinted.While most in the adult entertainment business think that some regulation is a necessity, almost everyone—from club owners to managers and especially dancers—feels that the SOB guidelines and enforcement are overly punitive and have decimated their regulation of sex clubs who promote and facilitate the kind of behavior that the SOB laws were designed to prevent.“I thought we were all supposed to be equal before the law,” says Joe Savage, who has worked at a number of Nashville clubs.Finally she tenses, cries out, and wails, “Oh God, I love this place! It’s changed location a number of times, though now it can be found just off of Eighth Avenue South, across the street from a discount liquor store.

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In addition, a victim of domestic domestic abuse can get a protection order if s/he has a specific relationship to the abuser.

Angelina Spencer, who runs the Association of Club Professionals, a national adult business watchdog and trade group, says she’s currently tracking more than 140 bills in statehouses and city councils nationwide that regulate or affect strip clubs, cabarets or adult bookstores.

“We’ve absolutely seen a spike in this kind of local restrictionism,” Spencer says.

And on any given weekend night, the place is packed until at least 2 a.m.

But just down Eighth Avenue at another adult establishment, business isn’t quite as good.

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