Good tagline for online dating

Here are some other examples of things that women will be SUPER GLAD YOU HAVE (because not having them could cause some issues), but that you don’t need to share in your Tinder tagline: A lot of girls jokingly say they’re looking for a guy that can open jars and kill spiders, which is fun and cute, but it gets used too often.

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He’s not being contradictory with any statements, he’s simply offering concise and compelling reasons to swipe right in an easy-to-read list format.

But dating is meant to be fun (especially in the beginning!

) and at this stage of the game, you want to focus on building trust and rapport as opposed to airing all your dirty laundry.

A tag line is a short blurb that tells the dating community who you are.

The tag line will then appear next to your picture when users browse the site.

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