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They include ; That One Night (2008), Yesterday (2009), Mon Ami (2012), and the Syfy TV movie Grave Halloween (2013).Wardle and his mother just happened to sit in a room without knowing it was for children waiting to audition.Wardle is best known for his role as Ty Borden in the long-running CBC series Heartland.Under his Movie Production and Entertainment Company, Lone Maverick, Wardle has made films such as Under Pressure (2008), The Vessel (2012) and Cold Lights (2013).At the age of 12, Graham landed his first TV series role in The Sentinel.

As he is the private person his private life information has not been revealed yet.

Heartland celebrated its 10-year anniversary in 2016.

In between his role in Heartland he also landed a handful of roles in other movies.

Graham and his mother accidentally found themselves sitting in a room reserved for kids to audition.

Wasting the chance wasn’t an option, Grahan auditioned and got his first ever gig doing toy commercials for the likes of Micro Machines and Nerf.

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