Height dating

‘In some cases we’d been messaging for a week or so, and they’d ghost me within minutes of it coming up.

‘It did start to give me a bit of a complex after a while but once I quit dating apps it went away.

THANKS, TOM.) I asked him why he’d added his height to his profile, and he’d done so because like many men, he got wind that women care. ‘I’ve been asked my height on an app before and I wasn’t offended,’ says Jay, 31, who incidentally has had a stranger yell, ‘AVERAGE HEIGHT! I’m short and I don’t want a guy who’s too tall as I won’t be able to reach him.’ ‘In my opinion, it’s the equivalent of asking a female their weight.

After all, most men who put their height on their profile follow it up with, ‘For what it’s worth’ or ‘Apparently that matters’. Definitely a self-conscious topic for my shorter mates,’ says travel blogger Tom.

He was good-looking, had good chat and was a bit older, which is something I’m dabbling in after mostly dating younger guys. I’m 5’9, which isn’t crazy tall but I’ve often found myself towering over men and I don’t like it (more on that later.) We’d already agreed to meet up, but I really wanted to know how tall he was to know what shoes to wear.

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