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As an actor, Hounsou has been nominated for two Academy Awards.Hounsou became a naturalized American citizen in 2007.Hounsou, then made back-to-back appearances in hit movies like Gladiator, In America, Blood Diamond and much more.Hounsou has enhanced the stages of Paris and London as a popular male model.His first on-screen appearance was in the 1990 Janet Jackson video “Love Will Never Do (Without You).” He also starred in a 2002 Gap commercial directed by Peter Lindbergh, dancing to a rendition of John Lee Hooker’s “Boom Boom” by Arrested Development’s Baba Oje.He received wide critical acclaim and a Golden Globe Award nomination for his role as Cinqué in the 1997 Steven Spielberg film Amistad.The Bloodborn was an alliance of the Forces of Chaos comprised of multiple Chaos Space Marine warbands and rogue regiments of Planetary Defence Forces and Imperial Guardsmen.The Bloodborn was jointly led by the Iron Warriors Warsmith Honsou and the Daemon Prince M'kar the Reborn.

Djimon has a significant role in the movie, playing The Fisherman King and he brought out his blended bunch to see him shine.

He was reluctant to renounce his Beninese citizenship and therefore opted to become a dual citizen of both Benin and the United States, effectively rendering him a Beninese-American.

Djimon Hounsou was born in Cotonou, Benin, in 1964, to lbertine and Pierre Hounsou. One year before obtaining his college degree, he dropped out of school.

He gained further notice as Juba, in the 2000 film Gladiator.

He was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor, for In America, in 2004, becoming the fourth African male to be nominated for an Oscar (along with Basil Rathbone, Cecil Kellaway and Omar Sharif).

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