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When I was in first year I was too naive to see it, but the more senior I became, the more my eyes opened.The higher you go as a female student, the less interest you get from your male counterparts because you’re not as naive.You become less attractive to them and first years are just fresh meat they can get into bed.The difficult part is when you try warning the first years and they think you are jealous of the male attention they are getting. We don’t: we are just more informed now that we have been here longer.But seldom spoken of is the rush of horny male students looking to hook up with naive first years. PONTSHO PILANE asked female students at Wits University whether they’d felt targeted by older students when they were first years.Anele Nzimande, 22, Braamfontein Senior male students prey on first-year students because they’re unchartered territory.This sort of thing happens mostly in residences because first years are easily identifiable during O-Week, which is when most of the senior guys choose their targets.

I kept on looking back on my house committee’s words; I didn’t want a guy to be the reason I didn’t do well at school, so I was very cautious.When I got there, the final-year medics saw us as new blood.They would spot my friend and I in the library and offer to help us.It was flattering because you think “Oh, senior men are picking me over our own senior ladies,” but most of them are just trying to get you into bed.One time I was on a bus to campus from res and a senior student blatantly told me he wanted to have sex with me.

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