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Many of these are taken from the chatroom featured here at Bunnys Dreams.

Tl/dr: my gf and I are trying to get into role play and fantasy, and I'm looking for advice, insight or experience on where to find good scripts or other role play help and resources?

If you have that figured out i believe there will be fewer awkward moments since you will have a better idea of what you want to do.

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The detail: My gf and I want to get a little less vanilla and incorporate role play into our sex life.

We landed on a few fantasies that we both like (she's the escort/call girl and I'm the john, she's the slave girl and I'm the roman master- channeling Spartacus- who uses her as a sex toy, naught school girl who will do anything to not get expelled)Problem is, when we tried these, it was more awkward than sexy.

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