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8) You probably don't know about this yet, but I got drunk with your sister last week and told her about the time you tried on my panties. So when we sat on your futon making out on January 20th, I can see why you paused to say, "It's been fun dating you, but..." I'm sorry that I screwed up so badly.

Now I just have to live with the difficult knowledge that some other lucky girl will get to drive you around and bleach your shit stains out of her sheets.

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Although I’ve participated in many sports my true love lies in the woods.

It's nice to see there is still some competition out there and we look forward to seeing what else Hoverspot has to offer.

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An open letter to the guy who dumped me last January. I was delusional to think that I was ever good enough for you.

I've thought a lot about it, and the light of your wisdom has begun to flicker through my dim brain.

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