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There are other aspects of video-conferencing decorum just becoming apparent to users."It's such a new technology that we really haven't developed the etiquette to use it," said dotmac.info's Trometer."When ringing a stranger, for example, there's how to start the conversation, or the who-hangs-up-first question.Because so few people have friends and relatives with the necessary setup, people who do have the equipment are turning to i Chat registries, which list people from all over the world who are ready and willing to hold video conferences with perfect strangers."Since i Chat AV is an Apple-only technology – for now, I hope – there is a smaller base of people with which to chat," said August Trometer of

In general, the number of women listed at the various registries appears to be disproportionately low.Messages in Mac OS X has two methods of time-stamping messages; an automatically applied timestamp when a new conversation starts or message is received, and a lesser known ability to view the timestamp of any i Message or text message sent with the Mac Messages app.We’re going to focus on the latter approach since it will allow a Mac user to reveal the exact date and time that any message was sent or received within the Messages app of Mac OS X.Cleary said desktop video conferencing all day takes a little getting used to, at least initially.She's also become more conscious of her mannerisms and appearance.

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