International supermodel dating in the dark

She has been on the cover of various magazines including Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire, Sports Illustrated, etc.Coming to her beauty secrets, she reveals that she takes off her makeup with coconut oil and then follows it up with a face wash.It’s but natural that we all would want to know the secret behind their radiant complexions, but most of them come up with cliched answers such as – “get enough sleep,” “drink lots of water,” or the super cliched “be happy from within.” We all know, it’s not always possible to be happy from within.” Let’s get more realistic!Here’s a post where the top International supermodels spill their beauty secrets and you would get more than just routine tips. Irina Shayk: Irina is a Russian supermodel and also Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend.We might think it’s all makeup, but that’s not true.These supermodels diligently take care of their skin and body.It’s not easy for them – they exercise hard, eat balanced diet, and follow strict skin habits.

Her best beauty secret is that she fills in a sink with ice and cucumber and dips in her face in the sink.She has appeared on the cover of Vogue and Marie Claire, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, etc.She suggests drinking lots of water and exercising regularly.She has worked for Dolce and Gabbana, Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors, Dior, Valentino, etc.She advises that one should always powder the T-zone and the lines going from the nose down around the mouth because when these areas get shiny, they look bad.

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