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Popularly known as “the Aussie”, Australian Shepherds are affectionate, intelligent and protective medium-sized dogs that were originally bred in American ranches during the 19th century.

It’s an extremely loyal breed and a favorite amongst American households.

Which is why choosing a name for your pooch should reflect the way a German Shepherd carries himself – proud , strong, and badass!

Cute, cuddly and loyal to their owners, Chihuahuas are also a favorite of dog-lovers.

Check out our list below for popular badass Aussie names. Young and old, people from all walks of life adore these gentle giants! In homes, in the park, in movies and tv commercials, even your brother’s shirt has a Golden Retriever’s face on it!

Because this breed of dog is a favorite family pet, figuring out a good and unique name to call it can be challenging for some.

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However, at the very same time, having a dog as a pet is a full-time responsibility.Best known as one of the most efficient and powerful dog breeds, the Doberman Pinscher is a highly regarded guard dog.With it’s a tall, lean, and sleek figure, it can intimidate any intruder that crosses its path.While its demeanor is often pacific and dignified, there is also little doubt that the bulldog is also one of the toughest and strongest dog breeds that ever walked this earth.They are naturally sweet natured and reserved, but when provoked, bulldogs are a force to reckon with.

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