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Surely the balance of our experiences, however trivial those experiences appeared while in transit, is far more concrete than the good marks we so endeavored to achieve, liege is l( the point of college learning how to start over. vtfrl L q.o U, V old 4i.crtrt.0ei U.6e- — Ralph Waldo Emerson student life Despite all of the testoster- one in Mc Laughlin, which has two men's floors and one women's floor, it is one of the more peaceful dorms.

life in the itwwm We arrive here without the crutch of our old identities. It is a good place for students needing a change from the tempo of Swig or Campisi, Sophomore Phil Satterfield said, "Mc Laughlin is a cool, laid-back place unlike Swig, that isn't too rowdy, but fun to live in." Sanfilippo, one of the more ma- ture halls on the east side of campus, holds hundreds of sophomores.

The presence of social consciousness, kindred spirit, and spiritual awareness make them more than men and women for others.

A lot of people want to hang out here because the doors are always open." Visible for miles. This year, Unity went a step further by merging with neighboring Mc Laughlin to share in its programs and goals.The foundation lain at an institution like ita Clara University is onejthat lasts a lifetime; itisawell thatwe can drawfrom continually. It is often said that the days we spend at Santa Clara University will be amongst the finest in our lives.As we progress as human beings, we turn our heads toward the past and survey the frontiers of many a yesteryear; the accomplishments of those is ena! Yet we pass the days complaining of little sleep, big papers and professors whose names are alliterated with poor grades.But in fact it reminds me of my experience in Campisi last year." C ampisi could be consid- ered a dorm for the average freshman.Fresh- man Campisi resident Paul Yates said, "Campisi is the middle place to be.

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