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Elvis’ final album was put together from the four tracks recorded in October, his next-to-last single, one track already released on the 1974 Live In Memphis album, and three more songs that Felton Jarvis had gotten Elvis to introduce into his live repertoire, which he then recorded at various points on Elvis’ last two tours.

The record had been out for only a few weeks when the news of Elvis’ death changed its fate, vaulting it to Number Three on the charts with sales of over three million copies.

First he introduces the Stamps individually and highlights Ed Enoch as being someone mentioned in the bible, then Bill Baize gets introduced as one of the straightest guys of the group and by that Elvis says he means he has no qualms about showing his affection in public!

E; Why Me Lord; How Great Thou Art-with reprise; Let Me Be There; Heartbreak Hotel; Funny How Times Slip Away; Little Darling; Mystery Train/Tiger Man; Can't Help Falling In Love So after the first show in Springfield Elvis changed into his Aztec Suit , however once again during the show Elvis didnt appear to be in a good mood at all. Rider; I Got A Woman/Amen; Love Me; If You Love Me Let Me Know; Love Me Tender; All Shook Up; Teddy Bear/Don't Be Cruel; The Wonder Of You; Burning Love; Introductions & Solos; T. Both The Wonder of You and Trying to Get to You are very well sung and very strong.July Elvis didnt seem to be in a good mood he quickly threw away his guitar ( after it emitted a loud buzz ) throwing it to a young woman saying whoever got the guitar can keep the dammed thing-I dont need it anyway As often as he looked bored he also threw away lyrics with his scarves and Newspapers described his waistline as pudgy and conspicuously ample however the reviewer DID note that during THE highlight of the show How Great Thou Art that Elvis did display a potent set of pipes! Big Boss Man was again outstanding and Elvis actually sings most of Love me Tender on his own before anyone else joins in ( cause you take the pill version ) maybe here the Sweets were NOT singing because of Kathys intro? , or because in 1970 Elvis stole Johns date with Kathy? D to repeat the end of Funny how time slips away and also jokes around with a fan wanting both a scarf and a kiss by showing her a scarf and heres the kiss on the scarf instead of her! Musically this has been an outstanding show and only during the introductions did his Humour not tickle the funny bone. Musically the Evening show was just as good as the Afternoon show and containing other rare and not often performed highlights.The tooth was under a bridge that covered a gap in his lower bicuspid already Caldwell removed the bridge and opened the tooth allowing it to drain and relieve the pressure. On returning to his hotel Elvis dined on a tray of cantaloupe, honeydew melon, apple slices, banana chunks, grapes and cottage cheese before retiring. During Elviss 8.30pm show at the Veterans Memorial Coliseum Elvis apologized to the Sweet Inspirations for any embarrassment I may have caused you All seemed to go well after that.In actual fact it was yet another good show ( despite Kathy being missing ) Early on he told the crowd about his dentist visit and performed very well as normal indeed Dick Conrads local review noted that Elvis sent shock waves through the crowd .

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