Kelly clarkson dating ryan key

He is currently the owner/operator of a recording studio in Franklin, Tennessee, called The Lone Tree Recordings.

He is currently touring and writing music under his full name, William Ryan Key, as a solo acoustic act.

In August 2015, Key started a Kickstarter campaign for his new project The Lone Tree Recordings.

Lead guitarist Ben Harper left the band in April after finishing guitar tracks for the album. On August 1, 2010, it was confirmed that Yellowcard had ended their hiatus and was working on a new record, titled When You're Through Thinking, Say Yes to be released on Hopeless Records in early 2011.

The band then asked Ryan Mendez from the band Staring Back to become the new lead guitarist. The band toured Europe March 2011 alongside All Time Low.

Mosely left during recording of the album due to personal problems. The band spent the rest of the year promoting their new album nonstop since its release while touring with Linkin Park and Blue October.

The band then asked Alex Lewis to join as the bass guitarist. Billboard 200, the album was a commercial success in the United States with the hit singles Way Away, Ocean Avenue, and Only One. Yellowcard released their live album Live from Las Vegas at the Palms on January 22, 2008.

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