Kenyan singles dating angelo the pua four steps to successful internet dating pdf

That’s why Ian Isherwood created Date Me, a dating site that helps Kenyans connect without having to worry about scammers or people who aren’t interested in long-term, meaningful relationships.

“I am Kenyan, actually fourth generation,” Ian said. You should love yourself first, figure out what you want, and then join us.” Ian came up with the idea for Date Me Kenya after he had spent time studying and working in the United Kingdom.

Everyone who says casual, we don’t accept them on the site,” he told us. When we expand, we’ll be able to cater to everyone’s needs.” First, new members provide an email address, a Kenyan telephone number, a photo, and information about themselves.

Ian and his team will then review the profile to make sure that the person actually does live in the country and is looking for a serious relationship.

If so, they can decide whether to purchase a premium or VIP subscription.

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A few years ago, the Nairobi News Reporter outlined the traits of a modern-day man from Kenya.“In Kenya, people are very quiet and never want to say that they’ve met online.They’re not ashamed, but it’s the culture.” “Now when I speak to friends who know what I do, they tell me that they have friends who have met on Date Me Kenya, and that’s really great,” he continued.To an outsider, those may seem like strong, traditional beliefs, but the culture is more complex than that.In Kenya, men are allowed by law to take an unlimited number of wives, so long as they’re all over the age of 18.

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