Kristin russo and dannielle owens reid dating

Kids repeatedly told us that we’d helped facilitate a first, second, or third conversation between themselves and their parents.

They would watch our weekly advice videos with their families so they could have an easier time talking about things that they previously hadn’t been able to discuss; the presence of Everyone Is Gay had given them the courage they needed to be who they were, and to share that with their families.

Filled with real-life experiences from gay kids and parents, this is the book gay kids want their parents to read.process.

In 2010, we were nothing more than acquaintances who shared a few common friends.

At the time, Kristin was on her way to getting her master’s in gender studies, so she was more than ready to discuss these issues.

Both of us have our own stories of coming out to family members—shared in the following pages—but it is our years of experience speaking to today’s youth that enabled us to write this book.

Dannielle, who was about to make a permanent move from Chicago to New York City, had just started the comic website She happened to mention to Kristin that, amid the positive feedback, some people were saying that she was stereotyping lesbians and turning the community into a joke.

Dannielle felt the comments were off base, and Kristin agreed.

Soon after starting the website, we decided to take our message on the road, and began to travel to middle schools, high schools, and college campuses, promoting equality while still keeping everyone laughing.

That shift was monumental, as we were finally able to speak to the many people who had previously been anonymous faces on the Internet.

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