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White Latina actresses are rarely sexualized on the basis of their ethnoracial background the way other Latinxs are.

For example, actresses like Alexis Bledel and Cameron Diaz have never played Latinas on screen.

For example, even though Latin America has a large number of Indigenous, Asian, and Arab populations, we never see Latinx characters represent these folks in the media.

Meanwhile, white Latinas and Black Latinas have very different portrayals on screen.

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Their whiteness means that they are not pigeonholed into the “exotic,” sexy roles that many other Latinas are cast as.Light skinned mestiza Latinas, Italians, or other “exotic” non-Latina white actresses usually play the spicy Latina characters that are so pervasive in media.Latina actresses of other races are often erased from the media or their sexualities are portrayed in much different ways.She has long, wavy hair, and brown skin that’s not too dark. This accent, usually vilified in real life, becomes something sultry and mysterious, while also being mocked.Stereotypes are dangerous because they take a group of diverse people and completely flatten them into one-dimensional traits.

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