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Its performances were highly appreciated at the different international theatrical festivals - Festival of Russian Theatres of CIS and Baltic States, Festival of Russian Theatres, Days of Ukrainian Culture in France, Slavic Theatrical Meetings and others.

New York-Kiev non-stop in a mere 10 hours, on a plane with nearly non-existent entertainment but at a reasonable price.

Actors and directors of the Academic Theatre of Drama and Comedy have won many prestigious theatrical awards.

The theatre has developed a national and international reputation for the presentation of Ukrainian dramatic art.

Add to that the Pro Okhotu I Rybalku [] cookbook that I found in a bookstore later that day, and I could officially declare that hunting was (still is? Even if these days the most wanted species is probably the Russian Separatist. Number 24 is decorated with an impressive Soviet mosaic, featuring rather complicated themes.

In my pictures, I can see planes, stars, flames, a film strip, a pendulum, a compass, a TV set, and somewhere something that must represent the cosmos. A few feet further, it’s the Kiev zoo, with peacocks and penguins.

The last part of the mosaic is more accessible, and belongs to what I’d call pastoral socialist realism.

Just like the Georgians spend their time making wine, drinking, and singing in Soviet mosaics across Georgia, the Ukrainian is shepherding and resting in a field.

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Nowadays such famous Kiev actors as Vladimir Goryansky, Vitaly Linetzky, Lesya Samaeva, Lev Somov, Darya Loboda, Alexander Getmansky, Neonila Beletzkaya play in the theatre.He has not only created this popular theatre but also educated many modern directors, who are proud to call themselves the students of Eduard Mitnizky.Many critics assert that there is even a new theatrical phenomenon, the so called Mitnitsky School of Theatrical Direction.Being roughly 4 times less busy than Moscow’s Sheremetyovo and 6 times less busy than New York’s JFK, Borispol was a reasonably efficient airport.A mere 30 minutes after landing, I had already cleared security and picked up my suitcase.

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