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Next, make it so a user needs a password to change the BIOS settings, this prevents someone from changing the boot order and thus booting from a CD-ROM or floppy disk drive.Last, put a lock on the computer case preventing someone from opening the computer case and resetting the jumper on the motherboard that clears the BIOS boot password.They require writing files to certain directories, and registry keys, that "normal" user do not have access too.These programs are often hidden within webpages, IM chat windows, word processing documents, and e-mails.If this happens, these programs are usually limited to the that specific user account.Deleting that user account usually solves the problem.

The threat of getting a virus is high in the digital age of today especially if you are using the Windows operating system.

Many crackers intend to hack to get a hold of credit card numbers, passwords, and other items that they can use for making a profit.

Updating is the process of updating certain elements of a program to close vulnerabilities in a certain scenario.

If you really want to protect your data, do not give out your administrator password or account to untrusted people.

If other people want to use your computer, it is a good idea to create a general guest account without administrative privileges for them to use.

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