Liquidating real estate

During the bankruptcy process, a court-appointed trustee determines if anything can be sold to pay the debts owed.

They may call for the liquidation of everything on which debt is owed, but they can also require no liquidation at all.

All distributions paid by KBS REIT in 2017 will generally be characterized as a return of capital in each stockholder’s Form 1099.

Jones Swenson Auctions is a full service Texas auction company that sells real estate, commercial & industrial equipment, business liquidations and specialty assets using time honored auction methods with cutting edge internet technology.

Both types can be liquidated but assets such as homes and land are highly liquid.

While not in a liquid state, real estate property can be used as currency for its sale.

The Professional and Certified Auctioneers at Jones Swenson have conducted 1000s of auctions across Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, and Houston, Texas; and throughout the Southwest for the past 35 years.

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At the end of the day, liquidating assets can soothe many different financial wounds. The liquidation of property comes in two general classes: real estate, sometimes referred to as home liquidation, and personal.

Whatever the reason, liquidating your assets can be a legitimate means to an end. To “liquidate” something means to sell it, and an “asset” refers to something that has value, such as a car, house, or other property.

When your debts begin to outweigh your assets, liquidation or selling off your assets can help you remain financially stable.

Home Go is ready to help you liquidate real estate assets without the headaches.

Using a realtor or broker to liquidate your house can be a long and drawn-out effort that may take months.

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