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is among 15 Hollywood actresses honored with the Venus Awards by famed model agency head John Robert Powers in Los Angeles.

Posing for the camera are Mari Blanchard; Yvonne de Carlo; Jeanne Crain; Linda Tallen, head of the John Robert Powers Los Angeles studios and hostess for the evening; Rosemarie Bowe; and Mala Powers.

According to friends, the actress still will move into the new home, but different arrangements are being made for the planned redecorating.” columnist Dorothy Kilgallen reports that Jeanne "turned a deaf ear to all pleas that she give Paul Brinkman and their marriage a second chance.

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Bridesmaids are actresses Joan Leslie, Jane Withers, and Betty Lynn.

She was introduced to him by his brother, singer-comedian Dennis Day.

Parsons reports that "you could have cut the air with an ice pick when Paul Brooks walked into Somerset House with Jane Greer on his arm and spotted Jeanne Crain with Henry King, Jr.

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