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It's horrible wearing the daytime brace," she admitted (via ' brood.And because she is so reserved, fans don't know as much about her as they'd probably like to."He would sit for hours setting up cars around the edge of a table or lining up his dinosaurs according to size.

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"Dayton just turned 18 and I celebrate the trials and triumphs.In a blog post from January 25, 2018, however, Robyn got completely candid about Dayton's condition."When Dayton was little he struggled with balance, coordination and knowing how to use his body …," Robyn penned in the forthcoming message.And in the case of Hunter, he has a pretty hilarious take on the issue."I don't plan on having more than one wife — there's too much drama," he joked (via touched on Maddie's failed attempt to get baptized by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints aka LDS Church.

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