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Upon entering his shop one feels like passing through time, packed with old gramophones dating back 1904, plaques in the drawers, newspaper clips with famous artist when gramophones were popular, and pictures with famous people.The master "Papa Gramophone" opens his shop at every morning, repairs some and reproduces others.During the Austro - Turkish wars at the end of 17th century, it was turned into the Catholic church.Here was buried Pjetër Bogdani, one of the most prominent Albanian writers.I think the whole "he has a new one every year" aspect of it to be slightly creepy, like he's this older man who's a known creeper on co-eds.I would have liked it better if they hadn't thrown that in.In the courtyard of the Mosque is also a fountain built in 1996.The Mosque of Sultan Mehmet Fatih, along with ancillary facilities occupies the area of 577 m2.

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During World War II, the German army has made reparation from the inside of the mosque.Example: You really think Kim Jung Un would pull that attractive a woman if he didn't have the power/money he did?If he hadn't died when he did, she would have likely left him within two years, though, because her own goals would have reasserted themselves as a priority instead of her hormone addled perceptions and he wouldn't be willing to move around to new universities to stay close while she goes to medical or law school.It was built with carved sandstones of yellow color.The walls from inside are lined with bricks joined and plastered with lime mortar. The mosque consists of a rectangular shaped space with dimensions 14.14 x 14.14m, cupola with diameter m built on four pandativa, minaret with a height of 38.20 and representative porch.

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