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This is completely normal, and in most relationships this boredom will fade, and you’ll head back to being smitten as a kitten with your beau.If you are feeling bored in your relationship and are entertaining a schoolgirl crush on your boyfriend’s best friend just as something to do, or something passing, your best bet would be to wait out your crush and work on your current relationship.

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You should never stay with someone if you are living in perpetual unhappiness, but always remember that if he made you happy once, odds are he can do it again, if you share the load of working on your relationship.

At some point or another, it’s best if you talk openly with the bestie about how you feel.

Ask him how he feels about you and if he wants to be with you beyond just having the fantasy.

However, if you think you have genuine feelings for this person and see a future with them, or you feel truly dissatisfied with your current relationship, you should seriously consider dropping out with your long-term partner and exploring some new options.

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