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() Kyle and I fell for his plot, and that month sublet became permanent.

I sobbed until I vomited post-breakup, stayed in bed for days.It was as though he filled voids I hadn’t known I had.We’d been dating two months when T told me that Kyle, a mutual friend, desperately needed a place to rent for a month—but was too embarrassed to discuss it. “Stay with me for a while.” I later learned that he told Kyle a similar story, only flip-turned—claiming I was in dire financial straits, but too ashamed to mention it.Peering in his magnetic eyes, I felt naked and vulnerable. My ex never said such things; on the contrary, he’d felt threatened by my modeling and acting. T opened the sun roof, asked if we’d like to watch TV and told us we could turn our seat heaters or personal ACs on or off as we wished.It all seemed pretentious, until I observed my fellow passengers beaming. ” “I’d love a water.” “I got it,” he said, declining my bill.

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