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He was recognized by the Department of Interior for his outstanding work and successful outcomes with numerous citations. His spouse, Alys Mulcahy La Follette, predeceased last year. Mark is survived by his children, Suzanne “Suzy” La Follette-Black (husband Jim) of Wilmington; stepdaughter, Barbara Senne (husband Charles) of Livonia, Michigan; and four grandchildren and five great-grandchildren. Carlos enjoyed making leather crafts and saddle ornaments, playing the guitar and drums with a local band group and singing favorites from Waylon Jennings, Don Williams and Johnny Horton’s oldies. 20 at the Assembly of God Church in Prewitt, New Mexico. Annie was born in the Prewitt Baca area into Áshiihí (Salt People Clan), born for Tó baazhni’ázhí (Two Who Came To the Water Clan). She was an amazing and wonderful mother, grandmother, sister, and aunt.

He received the Kentucky Colonel award (equivalent to the Longleaf Pine in North Carolina). 80; VFW, Elks Club; Kirkland Air Force member; and Rotarian Paul Harris Fellow. Carlos is survived by his mother, Ida Benallie Begay; stepbrother, Stanley Begay of Rock Point, Arizona; sisters, Marietta Begay, Ella Tallis and Lorena Begay; and stepsisters, Clara Begay of Durango, Colorado, and Marie Etta Begay of California. Annie is survived by her daughters, Vera Hudson, Eva Cayaditto and Dorothy Lujan; and son, Wesley Cayaditto.

— Funeral services for Patricia Gloria Murphy, 60, of Querino Canyon, Arizona, will be held today, Aug. (DST) at the Houck Catholic Church in Houck, Arizona, with Rev. Viewing will take place one hour prior to service at 9 a.m. A reception will take place at the Houck Chapter House following burial. Midnite was born in Cedar Creek, Arizona, on the White Mountain Apache Reservation, to Paul Ethelbah and Dorothy Kane on the same day, in the same month and the same year as me (he liked to remind me he was four hours older).

Burial will follow at the Houck community cemetery. Patricia graduated from Window Rock High School in 1976 and received an associate’s degree in education from Diné College. Midnite was adopted and raised by his grandparents, Rudolph and Laura Kane, and was taught and loved beautifully by them. He crown danced, carved, hunted, rafted, skied, fished, went camping, traveled (both in the U. and foreign), loved the outdoors, rode his Harley, was traditional and spiritual, and worked and worked.

Donations to assist the family can be sent to Jeannie Bitsoe, care of National Bank of Arizona, P. Mark attended Indiana University, Western New Mexico University, Highlands University, and University of Arizona for his master’s degree. Department of Interior for many years as the director of the Bureaus of Indian Affairs for Employment Assistance and Relocation and Economic Development. Mark was instrumental bringing General Dynamics and Fairchild to the Navajo Reservation to provide jobs and economic growth for the Navajos and Hopi tribes. Honorary pallbearers were Ray Hastings, Milton Burnside Jr., Matthew Murphy, Amanda Cometsevah, and Lenny Mordhorst.

Leo is preceded in death by his wife, Teresa Wallahee Joe.Amazing does not even begin to pay tribute to the gifts God blessed him with.Midnite enjoyed playing music all over Native Country and throughout the U. for more than 50 years (he began playing when he was 8) and he was very grateful to all of you who supported “Apache Spirit” for all these years.Always there for his family, friends and even strangers, he helped those in need.He had a huge heart and utilized his carpentry skills to give back to his community and built three sturdy homes for his family. Mark is a descendent of the La Follette political dynasty of Wisconsin. Sarah graduated from high school and was honorably discharged from the Army as a medical specialist.

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