Oracle trigger updating predicate multiple columns

I posted this in Database General yesterday and didn't get a response, so I'm trying here (in the hope that a better class of problem solver hangs out here!

) Is it possible for a there to be a delay in updating a VPD predicate based on a security context?

I read in oracle documentation ( Hi: I want to clean some space about some tables ,there are a few ways ,such as move ,shrink and impdp. I know when any changes are made to base tables then those changes are reflected are on view as well when view is refreshed. Dear Sir, I have created a table with a composite primary key and few indexes.

I want to know which one is better regardless of space consideration and assume this tables can use all those methods. We have a load of legacy code that uses ORA_ROWSCN as an optimistic locking field. )-digit field for the host variable, and we experience horrible problems when the SCN ticks past the size that this can accommo... In one of the SQL the where clause is a combination of Index Column and non-index columns, however the query is not using the index column and instead going for Full Table Scan. Hello, Is there a way to get all the keys that exist in a JSON column?

I could list all columns except the one, which should not induce a firing of the trigger.

This is quite cumbersome for tables with many columns.

It will preclude modifications from taking place for the duration of the move and subsequent index rebuilds.

Step 5 ( is applied as early as it can be—since it would not modify the answer returned by the query—in contrast to the first view query (in Listing 1) I explored.

If you do have a table which is subject to frequent changes of column number or name, then I would suggest you have a bigger, architectural problem.

So, just type out all the column names now, and wait to see whether maintanance becomes an issue.

JSON_VALUE function provides an easy way to access a value for a given key, but is there a way to obtain all the key names? Hello Tom, Is there a way to identify SQL queries that are consuming the majority of the shared pool for e.g Session #1 is using 56 kbsession #2 is 10mb I would want to identify each query and the memory value it's consuming. Hello Tom & Team, Can you please provide to get the list of sql ids along with elasped times and other metrics for a given sql statment.

Once obtained, can i force oracle to use a particular sql id which was performing better ? Hi, I would like to fing whats the best way to allow user to truncate table that is own by some one else thru forms on-line basis.

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