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Thanks for reading and hope to hear from you out there , Thomas Languages: English Hobbies/Interests: Camping, painting, movies, wrestling! Ich lese gern, schreibe und bekomme gern Briefe, schaue gern mal einen Film, bin gern drauen in der Natur und mag Laufen und Schwimmen. Fizzi Heartley16 Outram Road West Wybourn Sheffield S2-5EWIntroduction: Hey world, Im looking for penpals who want to become life long friends, I used to snail mail a few years go and Work seems to have took that away so Im now back looking for new friends with new stories to share. Email: Languages: English Hobbies/Interests: Reading abible, gardening, driving, cooking, traveling, adventures etc Introduction: Greetings to every one, am 38years old christian lady who loves every one I would like to meet new penpals from any country both male and female penpals. Email: Languages: German & English Hobbies/Interests: Engineering, technology, languages, computers Introduction: Hello!

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optional-Any fisherman wanting crazy fun & dark Polish beer with Asian crab ragoon, or trading fish stories toasting Bloody Mary's orange cheese popcorn, you are welcome.

so sexual blackmail usually gets me small gifts (don’t worry, don’t call the RSPCA, we are friends… and even if neither of you want to admit it (either because the sex was embarrassing when it happened, and/or he has misshaped balls (this happens. Could be worse.) you have actually become fond of each other… No lies, all truth (and in case my daddy’s reading this…

The sexual penpal is a great tool to try weird fantasies and desires out. it’s a good idea to try that idea on him/her first (this is how I found out he likes anal sex… What you notice about the sexual penpal is two distinct relationship evolutions : either you continue to talk… In any case, like most things it’s either yes/no, black/white, 50/50, yes/no… To illustrate point one (becoming fond of each other) I’ll tell you about my “sexual penpal”… Now for some girls, you might shed a tear, urinate yourself…

I am looking for pen pals from anywhere, but I am especially interested in postcard pen pals across the US.

I enjoy real letters but I love postcards because you get a small letter and a picture about the area. If it's not something I'm interested in, tell me about it. Note: I am not looking for a romantic interest, only pen friends.

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