Play count not updating from ipod

Your i Phone, i Pad or i Pod will begin the metadata recovery process which may take several minutes depending on how many music tracks you have. Only the metadata, ratings and playcounts of existing tracks in i Tunes will be updated from the information on your i Device.

Once the process is completed, you should see all of your tracks in i Tunes have been updated to display the ratings and playcounts that are on your i Phone, i Pad or i Pod.

My wife's i Phone SE bricked itself so I upgraded i Tunes to make sure the Update/Restore worked properly, then play counts (which I rely heavily on for my playlists) stopped working.

The play count for my songs don’t update when I play from my i Phone (it still updates when I play from my Mac) and I’ve scoured the internet already for answers but they only address when the count doesn’t update from Mac.

Ratings and playcounts are an important way to keep track of your favorite and not-so-favoirte songs.

In some particular situations you may have your music in i Tunes, but your playcounts and track ratings may be stuck only on your i Phone or i Pod.

play count not updating from ipod-1

Though I had upgraded to i Tunes 11 within the last couple months as well (and I'm not sure exactly how long this has been going on).

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