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"If this were an episode of the Twilight Zone, Trump would soil the neighborhood beyond repair and retire to his home broken." @Brian Karem looks at the absurdity of presidential press relations but reminds us that we "cannot dismiss it as easily as satire."…

In 1979, famed composer Wendy Carlos came out as trans in the pages of Playboy: a groundbreaking moment for visibility.

And it isn’t just porn that you’ll get when you subscribe to Playboy TV, there are tons of other adult content offered like the Playboy Adult Film School, which shows average amateur couples on how to make their sextapes into bonafide porn videos.

You’ll also get scenes featuring how the Playboy Playmates enjoy their time around the Playboy Mansion.

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With decades of experience, Playboy has made dicks go hard and cunts go squirt even before the time that porn was available on the internet.

Read the new op-ed here:… A report from @kpolantz on our hearing yesterday in @Playboy White Correspondent @Brian Karem’s lawsuit v. Chidera Eggerue , the outspoken mind behind the #saggyboobsmatter movement, shares six uncomfortable—but necessary—truths about self-love, dating, and feminism: “[Offensiveness] is not the reason his jokes don’t work.

Fear the future." @Brian Karem sees Trump as a reversal of the progressive streak America has always had thanks to its openness to new peoples and ideas.

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