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This does not make the results of the poll completely representative of the population but it does help increase the chances of the results representing the overall population.An online poll is a survey in which participants communicate responses via the Internet, typically by completing a questionnaire in a web page.An open-access poll is a type of opinion poll in which a nonprobability sample of participants self-select into participation.The term includes call-in, mail-in, and some online polls.In the case of political polls, such participants might be more likely voters.Because no sampling frame is used to draw the sample of participants, open-access polls may not have participants that represent the larger population.Go To Quiz is a site created by and for our visitors. We rank the top quizzes and track visitor ratings as well.

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A voodoo poll will tend to involve self-selection, will be unrepresentative of the target population, and is often very easy to rig by those with a partisan interest in the results of the poll.

The term was coined by Sir Robert Worcester, founder of legitimate polling company MORI, which he chaired for 36 years to June 2005, with special reference to "phone-in" polls.

The magazine's 1936 poll suggested that Alfred Landon would defeat Franklin D. By contrast, scientific opinion polls taken by George Gallup correctly showed a clear lead for Roosevelt, albeit still noticeably lower than what he achieved.

A way to minimize that bias is to weigh the results in order to make them more representative of the overall population.

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