Practice dating skills

The researchers say that's because cheesy lines make you sound unintelligent, a signal that you're not a good long-term mate. "When you use hyperbole—like telling a woman she has the most beautiful eyes in the world—it feels like something on a script," Schwartz says.A simple compliment will do the trick, and the more genuine you sound, the better.Figuring out where things are going even after you start hooking up can be tough, since only about half of women involved in hookups see long-term potential, Geher says.TAKE ACTION First you'll have to figure out if she wants to date you.

"Somebody who's incapable of delivering phony lines can be seen as incredibly sweet and attractive," Schwartz says.

Luckily, you don't need a linguistics degree to figure this out, says study author James Pennebaker, Ph. Just enter a text or instant-message conversation into Pennebaker's online calculator ( to see if the two of you truly sync up. (Sorry: trick question.) "Having a repertoire of material is not impressive," Miller says.

STEP 4: Can the canned lines When you set your sights on that 10 across the room, what's your opening line? "Women are good at seeing through that." And science proves it: In a study in the , women expressed more interest in dating men who used a direct approach ("I saw you across the room and knew I had to meet you. ") than in men who resorted to cheesy pickup lines or asked about something banal, like the time or the band playing in the background.

"Men form an idea of what they want in a woman and narrow their criteria too much," says Christie Hart-man, Ph. Instant chemistry can happen, but it won't always be that way, she says.

TAKE ACTION Hartman's advice: If you're on the fence about a woman, have at least one more date before moving on.

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