Public defender dating prosecutor

If you are unhappy with your appointed counsel but you do not have the means to hire a private attorney, there are ways to request a different attorney, but in general that should be done only as a last resort when you cannot resolve your disagreements.

If, on the other hand, a conflict of interest arises that could compromise your lawyer’s ability to represent you, your appointed counsel has a duty to present this conflict to the judge.

Here, the amounts of theft or damages are far, far less than 00.

Most courts across America still operate based on a cash bail system.

If the court appointed a private attorney from its panel, it may assign a lawyer from a list of attorneys on duty that day for court appointments.For example, if the prosecutor includes a former client of your lawyer on its potential witness list, your lawyer would be caught between his duty of loyalty to the former client and his duty to zealously represent you, which would include cross-examining the former client.Your lawyer would have to explain this conflict to the judge.The initial hearing featured in the pilot, however, is far from the reality most clients experience in criminal courts across America.In many jurisdictions, even the most minor of cases – homeless individuals trespassing to get shelter, public urination and shoplifting candy bars – can end up with a person remaining in detention.

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