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You may have already realised this the last time you asked a girl how old she is or worse, how much she weighs. You’ve dropped the first question that (for whatever reason) came to your mind and you’ve been met with daggers / a drink to the face / a kick to the shin (pick your poison). Whether she does or doesn’t, this question lacks tact and is unlikely to go over well.4. This is a weak and way-too-mainstream way of challenging her on her attitude. To be clear, we’re not telling you to ramp up the awkward silences. You’re looking tired today, did you not get a good night’s sleep? In this article, I’m going to provide you with several strategic second date questions to ask on your dates.The questions are designed to help you determine whether this is a woman you want to continue to pursue.You guys can share a laugh over dating horror stories.Additionally, you can glean insight into how she likes to kiss.He would always ask playful questions on our dates that made conversation so much more fun.This question is a way of easing into stoking the sexual tension.

Everyone’s responses are different too, so this question is fun for two reasons: it stimulates sexual tension and provides deeper insights into why she might like you.

It wasn’t something I’d thought about before, which made it all the more fun when it came time for me to answer.

Thinking about what makes a woman feel sexy, makes a woman feel sexy. Try it out yourself on a second date or even as a fun text before the third date. I’ve had a lot of clients tell me this has been a good question for them.

This question is a subtle way of figuring out what her favorite food is.

With this information, you can close for a third date at a restaurant that she’s guaranteed to like.

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