Rainie yang is dating

The most important thing however, is that Li Ronghao exhibited wisdom and a high emotional quotient or EQ as we call it.Rainie seems to value Li Ronghao's character more than his looks, overall.Although Rainie’s manager expressed the singers were just friends, Ronghao’s side said they were getting to know each other.Birthday Greetings at Midnight Since 2015, the pair would send birthday blessings to each other right at 12 a.m. Although it’s only a short message, the precise timing shows how much they care about each other.They have a great sense of order, responsibility and justice. They are ambitious but they are also very sensitive and avoid routine and boredom.

Singers Rainie Yang and Li Ronghao have been together for 5 years and their relationship seems to get better and better.

Rainie was obviously in a good mood and kept taking photographs: “It is rare to wear in this way!

aaron yan use to like rainie yang but hat was around 2006 or 2005?! Mike's closest girl friend in showbiz is Rainie Yang. In fact, Rainie confessed herself that she would rather date Kingone Wang than Mike He.

Although the couple kept their relationship relatively low-key during its earlier stages, they’ve begun to flaunt their love more publicly over the years.

In fact, their love story is full of happy, sweet moments.

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