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Perhaps not surprisingly, California, Oregon, and New Jersey have lower teen pregnancy rates than the national average—by 3 percent, 4 percent, and 11 percent respectively, although additional educational and socioeconomic factors could also contribute to their low rates.State and local policymakers should modernize and rethink sex education programs in public schools to help better prepare students for the complex world in which they live.

Subsequently, school districts had to develop their own policies to address student dating violence by December 1, 2008.In 2009, years before New Jersey’s revised state standards and the California Healthy Youth Act, Oregon set a high bar by implementing standards that require comprehensive sex education in public schools.The law emphasizes “the characteristics of the emotional, physical and psychological aspects of a healthy relationship” and uses language that stresses consent, such as “mutually monogamous relationships”; includes instruction on how to “communicate relational, sexual and reproductive boundaries”; and encourages students to have more open conversations about sexuality and identity and to respond to sexual violence.Such choices have the potential to have positive impacts on students’ emotional well-being and future relationships. SDE is providing curriculum guidelines for health education teachers to use in the classroom, and DPH is leading the development of a strategic plan to address sexual violence in Connecticut, which includes teen dating violence.s Department of Education to develop a model dating violence policy for school districts by April 1, 2008.

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