Romantic at heart dating

(I was his boss so I gave him the afternoon off ) Then we had Mexican food with his brother and went home.

He fell asleep on the couch and I went back to work that evening to finish some reports I needed for morning.

but even if you don’t like to go to the effort to make pizza, this pizza date night is still perfect.

Our fun invitation helps you make your date whatever you want it to be. a little anticipation will make your date night special!

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(not talking about sex- )The more subtle forms...... sunny Hey friend girl I feel u or I agree with what u r saying.

I have a husband who is home every night, treats me with respect, drove 2 1/2 hours to about ten different stores in the middle of the night for a pie for me when I was stuck in bed with a hurt back, gases up my car for me so I don't have to, and is the kind of guy who when caught outside by our elderly neighbor will talk to her for two hours and miss a football game because he knows she is lonely and he doesn't want to hurt her feelings. Around here, we love a good homemade pizza, so this date night is absolutely perfect for us… If you’re looking for a fun and relaxing date or a romantic at-home date, this is a date night you’ll enjoy!Our favorite pizza is pepperoni, bell peppers, spinach and olives with our special pizza sauce! 😉One of the challenges we included was making a heart-shaped pizza.My husband totally won the challenge for tossing the dough high… I’ve always thought that this was a difficult thing to do.

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