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Here I'm with this trying to figure out how to enable a button I disabled and the right place for me was like the Row Validated but as I saw with the version 419 today, The Row Validated is called only once the Grid View loose focus however it's called Row Validated hence it should be fired when the row is validated. I am afraid I am not able to understand your scenario very well.

To do that, I need a sample project, which demonstrates the issue.

Could you strip only a part of your code and send it as a small example to allow us looking into this issue?

Hi Ruth Goldberg, Thank you for the additional details.

I have tested the Row Validated event once again and it is thrown as expected when Rad Grid View loses focus.

If I understand you right, you have found a work-around for you case.

Append("PLEASE FIX ERRORS BELOW BEFORE PROCEEDING") o Error Msg. Append(vb Cr Lf) 'Get our year count errors' If o Inv Year. To String()) Then 'show a message box or whatever...

I've basically circumvented the databinding and implemented my own poor version.

This was not intentional, it's REALLY old code that had complicated parsing and formatting requirements and I incorrectly implemented a solution based on an unbound column.

I used Q3 2010 SP1 (2010.3.10.1215) version for my tests.

However, looking at your screenshots I see that you have a quite complex scenario, and it is possible that there is something specific which causes the reported issue.

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