Self presentation and deception in online dating

Deception doesn’t discriminate between the forms of communication people use.

To be sure, it takes place in online and offline forms of courtship alike, and it’s understandable why.

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It appears they do, with 81% of people in one study admitting to lying in at least one of the ways they described themselves.Once a profile is out there in the universe, folks could read it at any time (e.g., today, in two weeks, several months, a couple of years) until the person who posted it decides to take it down.And because their profile continues on into the future and isn’t limited to who they are right now, they’re more inclined to depict themselves as the person they’re wishing to be later.In the quest for love, a first date can feel like a job interview, only you’re the applicant and the interviewer all at once.And much like the hunt for talent, the search for a romantic partner involves finding someone with the right qualifications to fill the position, whether that’s shared principles and life goals, compatible habits, and interests, or other qualities that are especially meaningful to you.

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