Sequential dating in excel cells

Thanx Using VBA, I am trying to retrieve the contents of the Source of a web page (the same as would appear if you right-clicked on the page and chose "View Source") into a variable so I can work on it in VBA (using In Str, etc.). all Text or similar that would perform this function? Ok, guys, new to this forum and I need some help with a business invoice. But what I want to do is create a Drop-Down list with customers names, say cell A11.The problem is I can use code such as str HTMLText = ie. outer Text to retrieve the code, but in either case only part, not all, of the source code is captured. After selecting a customer name from the list, It would be able to populate the address in cells A12 and A13. Hi, This is a very basic question, but i have been struggling for hours, so I must ask.I have enabled Multi Line and Enter Key Behaviour in the properties window of the textbox so I can type multiple lines in my textbox.The problem is that when I press the button to enter the text from my txtbox to cell A2, the cell doesn't actually display the text in separate lines.each day is always a different group and what I'm hoping for is to create a formula that can grab each name with their hours and throw them into the 8th sheet. Hello, I'm trying to count the number of times a name appears across multiple worksheets but I can't seem to figure it out.

However, multiple lines of text are not properly displayed in my worksheet.

If this is not then it would be fien to update every time the workbook is opened. I have to free the first two lines in all the tabs except the first one. Code: I'm trying to come up with a solution to calculate the man hours and days worked over multiple sheets. the first seven sheets are the days of the week and the 8th sheet is where I want to calculate the hours.

If anyone can help it would really cut down the time I spend collating these stats every day! The days of the week consists of "Name" "Date" Hours" The 8th sheet consists of "Name", "Days of the week in their own column (7 columns in total)", "Total Hours" and "Total Days Worked" Now...

My problem is, if we enter a date in Estimated without a corresponding Actual date, the formula for Column O fills out anyway and improves our On Time Delivery Percentage. but HR or time keeper doesn't know who are present and absent. Marc Hi all, I have written some code that when a button is selected will Refresh a Data Query Table and all of it's information.

How can I set this up so that the formula doesn't calculate if there is no data in Column N? so if it is possible to create a login sheet which directly pop up the attendance in another sheet for the current date for particular employee. However, I seem to be getting issues, can some one point me in the right direction with the code?

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