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The boy was laying down on a bed with his legs spread and this cock just jutting out from his body.His blue eyes were smiling, inviting you to take a peek into his soul.My thoughts raced through my mind, wondering how this had happened, how I could let another man penetrate me like this, how had I allowed myself to be used in such a way.Night Exchange is where adults come to share their most intimate desires and have fantasy chat.I had been curious from time to time what sex with another guy would be like but it was kind of a passing thing. Being fancied by the hottest guys you could imagine. Lucas peeled it off, screwed it into a ball and threw it into the night. We would do everything together, hang out, go bike riding, talk, drink, cruise, talk, live, laugh and cry together.I quickly got into the changing room it had been so long since I had sex. On second thoughts he wondered whether it might have been more sensible to keep it as insulation against the cold. The only thing we never did together was mess around.

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I am just your average white boy who happens to like black dick and a lot of it.Brian, as I found out his name eventually, would go there quite often and go swimming.He had a very lean, smooth body, with a little bit of muscular tone to it.The shower is of average design, with a sliding glass door that distorts images with a mosaic of squares. What if I was coming home from work on the subway and I saw you across, looking at me? I never considered myself bi or gay or though much about it.With his back to the on-coming spray of water, the short young man closes his eyes. I'm open-minded and thought people should be left alone to do what they want. They always are and there always checking me out too, which was the best ego boost of them all. There I was undressing in the changing rooms and this guy was shamelessly checking out my ass.

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