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Lira had never stepped in to try and stop the shouting matches between her husband and son, and the one time early on when she did try to stand up for Randy, her husband turned his abuse on her and she left in tears. She was sure that Randy was resentful that she never helped him, and that lead to his isolation from the rest of the family. Mommy I wanted to fuck you, fuck this pussy for years. Mom:- “Mommy is looking scared, w- what you wanted to do, what my son wanted to do? Boy:- I wanted to wipe mommy cunt to make it dry, ( whipping it) now I wanted to place my cock, big, thick cock on her entrance ( placing it) and want to give it hard push deep in mommy’s CUNT!!

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Steve, the younger brother still was, but communication with him had been reduced to occasional emails, more frequent text messages, and rarely a phone call.

Randy, on the other hand, had grown much more distant and would go for days at a time without speaking to her. Boy:- “Mommy am about to cum, I am about to cum mommy, son is about to cum mommy!!

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