Material is often shared with neighbours and is used both as a way to arouse themselves and their partners but also as a primary source of education.The report goes on to show that the effect of ‘foreign’ pornography has influenced the style of sex in Bangladesh with many couples moving away from the traditional ‘missionary’ position to more experimental methods.Most Bangladeshi men commonly believe that masculinity is all about the size of the penis and that well-endowed men can have their pick of women.It is commonly perceived that a thick penis of between 8 and 10 inches is ideal.This is not an uncommon misconception globally among men as a result of anatomically superior porn stars being the prevailing norm.Duration of sex is also a common anxiety among Bangladeshi men with sex expected to last at least thirty minutes.Sex is a taboo subject in Bangladesh and both sexual relationships and sexual health are topics that are rarely discussed, even among family and friends.Shyness and social stigma are at the heart of this and as a result teenagers, in particular, lack basic knowledge about contraception, promiscuity and sexual health.

Here you can see that most the Bengali sex stories in bengali font.With a population of over 17 million people, it is now the 11 After Indonesia and Pakistan, Bangladesh has the highest population of Muslims in the world with almost 90% of the country identifying as conforming to the Islamic faith.As a result, much of the country’s laws and social attitudes reflect those of this conservative religion.We have collected the stores from the various sources and all their are posted by various readers.If you like you can also post you bengali sex kahini here and we will publish to here.

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