Sonny with a chance of dating part 1

She says she'll "talk to a professional" again, but instead goes to Chad again.

She goes to the Mac Falls set, and interrupts during a scene.

Then the Mackenzie Falls season finale cliffhanger comes on and sonny wants to know what happens with Chloe and Mackenzie so she goes to ask Chad and he thinks that she wants to go out with him so he asks her out.

Sonny tells him she was talking about Chloe and Mackenzie and Chad gets embarressed.

Then they make up a really stupid story about Sonny's mother also being Chad's mom very dramatic, like, Mackenzie falls dramatic and that he was Sonny's long lost brother.

Meanwhile, the swimmers seem more androgynous and uncomfortable than ever.

Nico and Grady are walking through the studio when they see that their solar system project was strewn across the floor, leading to the Mac Falls set.

Sonny comes off the set, and Nico and Grady chase her away until Grady didn't have any change for the bus.

Sonny With a Chance Falling For the Falls is really exciting.

At first it is really confusing to understand but, when it get later into part 1 you will be jumping up and.

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    She can’t deny that she is getting excited, so when her turn comes, she loves it.