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Elizabeth Banks is also memorable as Beth, a girl with a freaky side that woos Andy.

But best of all is Catherine Keener as Trish, Andy’s love interest.

Carell makes Andy geeky without ever being an idiot and sympathetic without ever making him pathetic.

He also provides a scene that will probably go down in cinematic history.

I guarantee it will make every person watching it cringe. As fun as Carell is, this movie would have been nothing without his strong co-stars.

Paul Rudd is amusing as David, the heartbroken and bitter co-worker of Andy.

His discussion with the poor Indian help-desk operator is quite funny. One scene features yet another bad encounter that Andy has in his youth while another scene shows him fantasizing about a porn star.

The added nudity actually makes the film raunchier than its theatrical release but it doesn’t make it any funnier.

The Movie: The 40-Year-Old Virgin is kind of two movies in one.(Like how toy collectors are obsessed with keeping toys mint in the package.) The movie also ends up having a message about how obsession with sex can ruin a relationship and how waiting, even for 40 years, can be worth it for someone you love.So in the end the 40-year-old virgins come out looking pretty good despite being the butt of the joke in the movie.Together the three represent almost all the aspects of the horny male psyche.It’s quite hilarious to see them give Andy a mix of good and bad advice.

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